Staff pick - will it help to get more feedback

Hi Sketchfab team.
This is my last model, and i have some questions.

I want to get more feedback(start receiving feedback). Can you give me some advice?
If one of my models got a staff pick, would it help me in this matter?
And last. Is my model generally suitable for staff pick?

and I am not a frequent visitor to the forums. Sorry if someone already asked these questions.

We don’t have hard rules for staff picks. Your model looks great, but I think it would work a lot better if it was placed in an environment where it could be part of a ‘story’.

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I thought about it. I even have an interesting idea…
Oк, thanks! I realize it.
should I drop the updated model here? (in this topic)

Sure, go ahead :slight_smile:

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as I said, I updated the model. and optimized it a bit. :point_up:
the same environment you were talking about. not sure if it was worth it, maybe i’m a little tired.
what do you think, is it worth the mark “staff pick”, now?

Much better, but I’d say not at staff pick level yet, sorry. I’m afraid we can’t provide personal ‘staff pick coaching’ though, so I’ll have to step out of this conversation now…

ok :face_with_monocle: