Star popup window

(Vlad) #1

Found that after some last updates when i press star "Thanks! Also Share?" popup appearing in several places.
Chrome (with uBlock, sorry), Windows 10

(Mauricesvay) #2

Thanks for reporting the issue, we'll have a look.

(Bart) #3

Does it also happen when you disable ublock?

(Vlad) #4

same effect with uBlock disabled

(Arthur Jamain) #5

Hey there !

Thanks for your report. If you don't mind, I would like a few additional details :

  • With what frequency has this happened to you ? Every time you like, sometimes, etc.
  • Can you think of anything specific to the way you browse sketchfab at the time this has happened ? such as being previously logged-out, or being on a specific model or users' page, etc.

Thanks !

(Vlad) #6

Every time. Just open any scene and like it and this happen.
Same in work PC and home PC. Both used latest Chrome.

(Arthur Jamain) #7

Thanks for your response.

Unfortunately, I could not reproduce the issue on either a PC or a mac on the latest chrome, which is why I'm asking for specific details regarding your situation.

I'll have a closer look either way.

(Vlad) #8

Strange moment. When i disabled all extensions, and tried open sketchfab in incognito mode it stalled on logon.
Just new tab with disabled extensions gave same popup error.

Hm, may be i should clear all sketchfab cookies.

(Vlad) #9

Cookies not help. Same effect.
You must be in Theater mode.

But this bug with logon still remain! When i try to login window show progress indicator that scroll forever. After refresh i see that i logged in.

(Vlad) #10

And i have some feelings that this logon issue already couple of days...
Check SketchFab stats about new registrations and logons.

(Arthur Jamain) #11

I did reproduce the issue with the login popup, we'll ship a fix very shortly. Thanks.
Still no news on the original bug though, i'll keep looking a bit.


The login issue should be fixed now.

I can't reproduce the like popup bug either. I remember this happening once quite a long time ago, but it was fixed.


I reproduced the popup issue. When liking a model from the model page, the popup appeared on every Subscribe button the "In Collections" cards.