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Star Wars Contest 2015: Death of Jar Jar

(Philip3d) #1

I will be creating a scene depicting Jar Jar's death - it may include Queen Julia as his love interest. For inspiration, I am currently looking at the Force Planet and Bardotta from Season 6 of The Clone Wars.

(Bart) #2

Hi @philip3d, thanks for joining! :smile:

(Philip3d) #3

Thanks for the welcome! Here is my progress on Jar Jar

(Philip3d) #4

Will move on to scene setup next.

(Philip3d) #5

Jar Jar by Philip Hogg on Sketchfab

After a bit of wrangling, got this animation uploaded - anyone know how to make it seamless? (it is seamless in 3ds max)

(Philip3d) #6

Here is a shot of my Ewok model and texture sheet, baked in Substance Painter.

(Bart) #7

It looks like there's no activity in the first few frames of your animation?

(Philip3d) #8

Yes, you're right. I fixed it, thanks.


Ewok by Philip Hogg on Sketchfab

(Philip3d) #9

Still have a bit of detail work to do on the high poly version of this TIE crawler. After that I'll finally set up my scene! I have a narrative in mind but it may change in the end.

(Bart) #10

yeah much better, cool!

(Philip3d) #11

Here is my final entry;

The Death of Jar Jar by Philip Hogg on Sketchfab