Star Wars Contest 2015: Death Star Trench Run, detailed scene for annotation

(Gary Phelps) #1

Hi fellow modelers and SW fans!

I'm really excited to participate in this contest. I grew up on the original trilogy, and can't wait for Episode 7! Here is the run down on my entry-in-progress:

I'm going for a diorama-style Death Star trench scene, as if its a 3D look at a moment in the movie. I'll add in annotations for the ships and any fun facts I can find about this pivotal scene in the Star Wars saga.

Scroll down to see my models and updates. If I have time, I might try to toss in an A-Wing and/or the Millennium Falcon. Feel free to share my forum post here with others, and have them like it they want.

(Bart) #2

Hi Gary, thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations. Have fun :smile:

(Gary Phelps) #3

Thanks Bart! This is a great contest. SW fan for life!

(Romainrevert) #5

Nice scenery ! Reminds me the Box busters toy.

(Bart) #6

The dynamic shadows work GREAT in that scene :smile:

PS: I've fixed your embed. Just put the normal URL (not the short url) on an empty line in your message.

(Gary Phelps) #9

I finally got this looking great. I spent a lot of time on textures today and hope to have some more stuff to show very soon.
I added in a faint shade (7%) of blue. It was just enough to match it a bit with the movie, and I think going with a cool color emphasizes the cold hearted harshness of the Empire.

(Gary Phelps) #10

Thank you. I've never sen that box thing, but that is pretty cool.

(Gary Phelps) #11

Render of it all in action.

More To Come!
There will be more 'going on' in the scene, with other ships (Y-Wing bombing run) and annotations to go with it.

Just for fun, a bit of motion blur in Photoshop.

(Gary Phelps) #12

Here is my Death Star trench model. It is open on one end for better viewing. On the other end will be the wall with the exhaust port that Luke shots at. I'm still working on textruging all the objects and getting all the tiles in place. I plan to get that done tomorrow and will post an image of that.

(Gary Phelps) #14

Xwings and Death Star render with some Photoshop work. I plan to have my annotated scene be a moment frozen in time with annotations related to plot points and some information about the various ships.

(Gary Phelps) #15

Here is a look at the start of my Xwing texture.

(Bart) #17

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Gary Phelps) #18

Gphelpsds by GaryPhelps on Sketchfab

(Marcoloreto) #19

Beautiful shot! Nice work :smile:

(Gary Phelps) #20

Goodbey Gray!
Xwing texturing coming along smoothly thus far. Soon I'll be onto my TIE fighter.

Xwings Didn't Do It Alone
That's right, there is more to come. I'll of course have the no less iconic TIE fighters to tangle with the rebels. Also, I'll toss in some Y-wings. If I have time, I'd love to toss in some A-wings and perhaps the Millenium Falcon.

(Gary Phelps) #21

Xwing by GaryPhelps on Sketchfab

(Gary Phelps) #22

Working on getting my explosion model built. I'm liking it so far!

(Gary Phelps) #24

Death Star tower explison by GaryPhelps on Sketchfab

(Adam Beamish) #25

Great work! Lovely texture and paint work! :smile:

(Gary Phelps) #26

Thank you kindy Earthen. I experimented around a bit and was really happy with the end result. This has been an amazing contest to be a part of. I can't wait to see how everyone else turns out. What a great community and event to be a part of! I'll put up more as soon as I can.