Star Wars Contest 2015: Duel on Mustafar Animation


(Zansyabana) #1

Hello! Been passive sketchfab user lately, and now I dare myself to do my first forum post and feel so excited to join the star wars contest! This time, I will do the duel at mustafar scene from episode III, specificly when Obi-Wan and Anakin do the duel above the lava, Obi-Wan standing on top of a platform and Anakin standing on top of a robot while they both dueling with their lightsaber.

Here's a reference from the scene:

So to break it down, first, I will do 4 simple modeling for the scene:
-Obi-Wan (including lightsaber)
-Anakin (inculding lightsaber)
-Obi-Wan platform
-The worker robot

After that, I will do (hopefuly) epic animation for the scene. Wish me luck! :grin:

(Zansyabana) #2

Hello again! First update here, as wise old man says, start with the easy thing first. So I modeled the lava skiff (platform) first. Still very rough thou

Lava Skiff WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining @zansyabana! I've fixed your embed - just put the regular Sketchfab link in your message and it will expand into our viewer.

I've added one month of Sketchfab PRO to your account so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations for your Star Wars scene. Enjoy :smile:

(Zansyabana) #4

Wow thank you very much @bartv! :laughing:

(Zansyabana) #5

Hi! sorry for slow updates. Right now I'm still sculpting while exploring how the characters would look like. Here's my latest progress for Obi-Wan's :blush:

(Zansyabana) #6

Hello, just finished exporting the head model and retopoed into blender :relaxed:

Obi Wan Head WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Bart) #7

Looks great. Did it lose its colour though? Our Blender exporter should take care of al that automatically..

(Zansyabana) #8

no absolutely not. In fact I haven't put any color on the model yet :sweat_smile:

(Zansyabana) #9

Progress update! Finally finished the body model for Obi-Wan :smile:

Obi-Wan Kenobi progress WIP #2 by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Bart) #10

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Zansyabana) #11

Another progress! Textured, normal mapped :grin:

Obi-Wan WIP #4 by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #12

Another update! This time I tested to import the lightsaber. Made it low poly as it will not be detailed in the final scene. I guess it still need some scaling adjustments...

Lightsaber Test WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #13

Update: Anakin's Saber

Anakin Saber WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #14

More saber test!

Saber by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #15

Hello, posting another update. This time it's the lava panning droid which will be where Anakin stands. Moving on to texturing! :relaxed:

Lava Panning Droid WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #16

I think I'm just too deep into the modeling while my focus is the animation. Just realized I don't have many time left to do rigigng and animation. So I guess I'll cut the modeling details and should get move on to rig and animation. Btw, Here's the droid textured! :grin:

Mustafar Panning Droid WIP #2 by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #17

A little animation test. Never tried uploading an animated model in sketchfab before. Never thought it was that easy :smile:

mustafar panning droid animation test by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #18

Hello again! Sorry for no update in the last couple of days. At this moment, I just finished rigging obi wan and did a pose test with lightsaber animation. Still need some weight paint fix thou. 2 weeks left! I don't know if I can make it to animation or not. Any feedback would be very appreciated :smile:

Obi-Wan Pose Test WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #19

Finally I finished Anakin Skywalker! Moving on to animation! :laughing:

Anakin Pose WIP by zansyabana on Sketchfab

(Zansyabana) #20

Today's update. I just realized that I underestimated the rigging work. I was decided to use riggify as my basic bone for the characters and not to use "fancy" tricks for the arm rig. As a result, when I tried to pose some extreme move, the character turns into a mess. Need to go back to fix the rig and continue the animation process. Wish that I can make it in time.