Star Wars Contest 2015: Duel on Mustafar Animation

More saber test!

Hello, posting another update. This time it’s the lava panning droid which will be where Anakin stands. Moving on to texturing! :relaxed:

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I think I’m just too deep into the modeling while my focus is the animation. Just realized I don’t have many time left to do rigigng and animation. So I guess I’ll cut the modeling details and should get move on to rig and animation. Btw, Here’s the droid textured! :grin:

A little animation test. Never tried uploading an animated model in sketchfab before. Never thought it was that easy :smile:

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Hello again! Sorry for no update in the last couple of days. At this moment, I just finished rigging obi wan and did a pose test with lightsaber animation. Still need some weight paint fix thou. 2 weeks left! I don’t know if I can make it to animation or not. Any feedback would be very appreciated :smile:

Finally I finished Anakin Skywalker! Moving on to animation! :laughing:


Today’s update. I just realized that I underestimated the rigging work. I was decided to use riggify as my basic bone for the characters and not to use “fancy” tricks for the arm rig. As a result, when I tried to pose some extreme move, the character turns into a mess. Need to go back to fix the rig and continue the animation process. Wish that I can make it in time.

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Your Anakin looks great! Good job on the glow effect of the light sabre too.

@bartv thanks bart for always supporting me! :grinning: btw, at the moment I’m still struggling with the rig. There’s still much to do in a few time left! I think I had too much procrastinating… :sweat:

got a map on your emmisive?
if not it will glow on everything.

sorry, I’ve figured it out when testing the Anakin model. It turns out because on the original blender file I didn’t put any material on the saber light so the material on the sketchfab affects other material. :sweat_smile:

Update! Testing the scene layout


ah kay :stuck_out_tongue: i just saw it and saw nobody commenting on it, so i thought the problem was still there :smiley:

yeah thanks for noticing by the way :grin: this thread is so quiet :sweat:

always glad to help, or to try to help.

Most threads are kinda quiet sadly, wish there were more comments or critique on pretty much anything, so i wouldn’t have to send pictures to my friends and say “tell me the first thing you don’t like … GO you got 20sec” (some friends are a lot better at that game than others)

you seem to have some overlapping with the parts under the belt (cloth things there), i know it’s to late at this point but for the next, try adding an aditional bone there, to have more control over that part, it really helped me with my batman rig, my sith, and my jediG to control the cloth ends with a bone that isn’t really driven by anything else. Just as a tip that i learned by the end of my rigging.

yep, I myself noticed that too. And you are right it’s too late for me to fix it as there is so little time left for me :sweat: so i think it’s better to use the remaining days to work on the animation and some tweaks if I managed to get it done before the deadline :smile:

Great models!

One thing I noticed, and it could just be me. Obi-Won looks more mad than Anakin. Thus he looks like the evil one. It’s the angle of the eyebrows and lowering of the overall brow. I think Anakin’s should look more like Obi Wan. Otherwise, he looks more neutral or a cross between mad and worried. I think greater angle on the eybrows, and some pinching or overlapping of the brow just above the bridge of Anakin’s nose would really bring out the mad/rage visually.

Both should look a bit focused, almost mad, but I think equally.

Really nice job overall though!

Now that you mention it, I noticed that too. I think I should fix Anakin’s eyebrows to be more intense. Thanks for the input! :grin:

No problem. The best part of the creative community is their willingness to give and accept constructive criticism.

Now that animation upload is enabled again, I can finally attempt to upload my animation to see if there’s anything wrong and I think there’s no really technical problem while uploading! :grin:

This is the latest animation right now. Still need to polish the animation, especially obi-wan’s. Wish me luck! :innocent:

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