Star Wars Contest 2015: Episode V: Carbonite Freeze (Annotated)

(Jpssart) #1

I'm IN! Totally stoked for this challenge! I can't wait to re-create this awesome character heavy scene!

(Bart) #2

Awesome, thanks for joining! Have fun :wink:

(Jpssart) #3

Thanks Bart! The Fun has Awakened!

(Bart) #4

Cool work! Did you hand model all that?

(Bart) #5

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Jpssart) #6

Thanks Bart! Yes sir, hand modeled using references open in photoshop!

(Jpssart) #7

Here's the link to the model with basic textures:

Han Solo In Carbonite WIP by jpssart on Sketchfab

And some ZBrush screen grabs:

(Bart) #8

I fixed your embed :smile: It's awesome!

(Jpssart) #10

Thanks a ton Bart, so glad you like him! I was wondering what I did wrong, I posted the iFRAME code and it didn't preview, but in the future that should work, right? Or am I forgetting another step?

(Bart) #11

No need to use the iframe code, just insert the model URL into your message. Edit your post with the embed to see :smile:

(Jpssart) #12

Carbonite Scene WIP by jpssart on Sketchfab

I've been bouncing around from one area to another to try and include as many prop details as possible from the scene, while maintaining the shots that resemble the movie that I want to feature for the annotations. I'm really excited to see it coming together, as this is the first scene I have ever constructed. Completely modeled in ZBrush.

(Bart) #13

Very nice! Are you going to texture it in ZBrush too? Or will you be using Substance Painter for example?

(Jpssart) #14

Thanks Bart! I'll mostly use Substance Painter for texturing, although polypainting has it's uses! Here's some more updates

(Jpssart) #15

Decided to make a quick render of Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO before bed. Still have quite a bit left but all of the characters in the scene are steadily getting closer to texturing. Leia is the only one I'm really worried about.

(Jpssart) #16

Boba Fett WIP by jpssart on Sketchfab

Darth Vader WIP by jpssart on Sketchfab

I wasn't able to complete the scene in time for the contest, but I'm still going to finish it. Here are some of the basic models for Boba Fett and Darth Vader without textures. I'm really excited for all of those who created awesome entries, and look forward to finding out the results! I'll keep posting updates, and thanks for your encouragement everyone!