Star Wars Contest 2015: “I am you father” (Annotated)

(Stijn Vercruysse) #1

Finally a góód excuse to do some star wars fan art!

As like many other fans, this scene and sentence hooked me up to the star wars saga for life, so I chose to recreate this scene as a tribute.

The characters, the setting, the details, the music, the tragedy and the hidden symbolism. All so perfectly well done!

I'm as curious as you all what the outcome may be (cause I never used sketchfab before :wink: )

(Stijn Vercruysse) #2

So I decided to start making the texture-tube first where this battle will be concluded.

The program I will mainly use is 3Ds Max. The testrender is done with a 2 textured material (diffuse and illuminated).

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.

(Stijn Vercruysse) #4

Tube imported in Sketchfab

Tube_CloudCity by stijn.vercruysse on Sketchfab

(Emmanuel De Bernard) #5

I love it... It look so nice... :smiley:

(Bart) #6

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Stijn Vercruysse) #8

Luke Lightsaber almost finished :smile:

Test_saber by stijn.vercruysse on Sketchfab

(Stijn Vercruysse) #9

The balcony (needs to be unwrapped to put on some lightmaps :wink: ) .
I'm trying to create a comic book feel like scene :smile:

IAmYourFather_Balcony by stijn.vercruysse on Sketchfab

I have btw a question. Is it the scene or the sentence where Darth Vader says "I am your father?"
In other words can it also be a scene where they are still dueling?...

(Jason Ivens) #10

Love the art style of your balcony, it reminds me of Borderlands with their cell shaded world.

(Stijn Vercruysse) #11

Have been silent a little bit, but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy.
Finally I dare to show my WIP of Darth Vader. I spent a lot of time to the shape of the helmet. I didn't want it to look too small/big/wrong.

I have still a question of the topic. Can I also use a set-up like this?

I think this is a more interesting charismatic set-up than where like is hanging at the edge of whatever it is he's holding to :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bart) #12

I love that shot with the mattresses below him. @elbriga check it out :smile:

(Elbriga) #13

Stijn, this is looking awesome! Can't wait to see more :smile:
I like where you're going with the lightsaber fight angle, you might have a tenser focus point that way, it can be cool!

@bartv I know, right? :smiley: I used it as reference as well :wink:
Check out these, too!

(Stijn Vercruysse) #14

IAmYourFather_Balcon by stijn.vercruysse on Sketchfab

Updated balcony

(Stijn Vercruysse) #15

I have put the balcony into the shaft, but now if I get close to the model, it dissappaers.
Can someone tell me what happens and how to fix it? @bartv

I made 2 annotations to make clear what the problem is...

Also can you put a start view mode with a default walking speed of 3 or so into the model?....

IAmYourFather_Environment by stijn.vercruysse on Sketchfab

(Bart) #16

@james do you know how to fix it? I imagine it has to do with the scale of the scene, right?



I believe your "environment" is the cause. It's huge compared to the actual model, so it messes with the bounding box and makes navigation more difficult.

I know this kind of "skybox" is common practice, but I highly discourage it, especially when it's this big. It can also cause other issues like, for example, messing up the scale of real-time shadows.

A solution would be a static custom background, but I know that doesn't have the same effect. Simply making your cylinder a lot shorter could help, too.


I'm digging a bit more, Bart might be right that it's just the scale of the scene. Checking...

Ok, changing the scene scale had no effect:

Scene-scale Test by James on Sketchfab

Cropping the tube vertically helps a lot, although this example I cut too much:

Skybox-crop Test by James on Sketchfab

Making the tube thinner also helps with the zoom/cropping problem, but makes navigation more difficult

Skybox-XY-scale by James on Sketchfab

(Armandolira) #19

Hi, looks good really diggin the lightsaber fight focus. About your problem, Have you tried doing a skysphere instead of a tube? I don't know what 3D program you are using but google should help you getting nice tutorials. It helps in this kind of cases where there is no horizon or floor.

I know that's what they use in space games. Photoshop has a really good plugin to make Skydomes too.

(Elbriga) #20

hey @stijn_vercruysse I used the exact same technique for the background, a cylinder - but it doesn't need to be quite as big - you can scale the texture to achieve a far-away effect too - also, don't forget to define your pivot point with double-clicking somewhere on the platform, it avoids crazy rotations!

ps: great work!

(Stijn Vercruysse) #21

Wow a day off sketchfab and all those kind responses to help!
Thx @elbriga, @armandolira, @james and @bartv . I really appreciate the help.

I'll look for it tomorrow (now 5.00 a.m.), and scale down the environment :wink: