Star Wars Contest 2015: Journey through the planet core - annotated scene

(Nirusu) #1

what a great contest! i think i go with the naboo scene=)
i really liked the underwater environment and the creature design in this sequence.

(Nirusu) #2

so, this is my scene overview

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations. Have fun :smile:

(Bart) #4

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Nirusu) #5

Bongo Basemesh by nirusu on Sketchfab

this is my basemesh for the bongo.

(Nirusu) #6

(Nirusu) #7

this is a qick sculpt for the claw fish.
hope you like it=)

(Nirusu) #8

i have a question to this contest! i´m totally new to this=)
is it possiple to get more than one mesh in a scene, with more than one large texture/normal.. etc map?
or just one merged mesh with one big map.

(Bart) #9

The sculpt looks great! Is that done in ZBrush?

And you can use multiple texture maps, no problem. Which app will you use for your final scene? The easiest way is probably to use one of our exporters:

(Nirusu) #10

Great! thank you very much!! yes it´s zbrush=)
i use cinema 4d! the exporter is perfect! this helps a lot.

(Bart) #11

Cool! We're actually beta testing a new version of our C4D exporter plugin now. Are you interested to help?

(Nirusu) #12

yes sure!=) that would be really great!

(Bart) #13

Cool, I'll email you the info!

(Nirusu) #14

sooo, the bongo is ready for substance!

(Nirusu) #15

Claw Fish Basemesh Final 0002 by nirusu on Sketchfab

claw fish =)

(Nirusu) #17

(Nirusu) #18

Export_test by nirusu on Sketchfab

(Nirusu) #19

this is the first scene export test. the cinema 4d exporter is really good! very simple and user friendly =)

(Bart) #20

Glad to hear it! Are you using the new beta now? Did you find any problems with it?

@waleguene will be interested to hear more about it :smile:

(Nirusu) #21

yes i´m using the beta! just two little things, not really a problem:
the exporter crashes by using a # in the name=(
but you can change the name in the draft modus, so not really a problem.
i set all my textures in cinema and i had all the textures in sketchfab! that was really time saving.
the only thing was, that all the textures where twice in sketchfab. i deleted the unused ones, soo not a big deal=)
all in all a very good exporter!
i have a question for the final scene! the name is #starwars-2015-still and the description is: journey through the planet core is this ok? and where do i publish? in my forum profile?