Star Wars Contest 2015: Pod Race (Animated JC3D)

(Jamesculley) #1

Pod Race Scene - Animated

Hey, this is the first time I will be entering a 3D design competition and it's Star Wars so that's cool too! I will post some concept shots shortly of my Pod Race scene with some animation..


(Jamesculley) #2

The Concept

The idea will be to create a pod race scene where the entire scene moves around the camera, users should be encouraged to use first person mode and 'mouse look' only, that way the user view will remain within the Pod cockpit with the rest of the action moving around it.

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining the contest James! How's it going?

(Bart) #4

I've just posted a contest update. Enjoy!

(Jamesculley) #5

Hi @bartv I have been busy working on my Jar Jar entry so as yet have no content to show for this I am afraid.

(Bart) #6

No worries! Do you think you'll make it?

(Jamesculley) #7

I certainly hope so, I will look to put a content update towards the end of this week for this entry if that's ok!

(Bart) #8

Of course it is :smile: Good luck with that!!

(Jamesculley) #9

I hope that I haven't gone too far of the track with my Jar Jar entry too? I hope that its eye 'catchingly' star wars enough, that's my only worry!

(Bart) #10

No not at all, I'm very excited about your entry, in fact :smile: