Star Wars Contest 2015:Princess Leia

(Xbodya13) #1

Can i still join? :relaxed:

(Bart) #2

Eh, sure! But do you think there's still enough time? :smile: Deadline is Thursday night.

(Xbodya13) #3

I have to try :sweat_smile:
Star Wars is my favourite film i can't miss this contest :relieved:

(Marcoloreto) #4

Do or do not, there is no try! Go for it my friend!

(Simon Kratz) #5

You can do it, good luck! (says the guy not participating due to lack of time) :smile:

(Xbodya13) #6

Thank you for support :blush:

(Gary Phelps) #7

What time on Thursday Bart? My schedule is tight with last week of the semester in grad school. This contest has been WAY fun! Thanks Bart and Sketchfab team!

(Bart) #8

Thursday, midnight New York time.


(SirVoxelot) #9

I want to try and join too but use the animation? is that feature back up and running?

(Bart) #10

Not yet - it should be back later today if everything goes according to plan.