Star Wars Contest: Death Star Trench Roller Coaster (Finished)

(Pasto) #1

...adapted to my skills (lowpoly? Yes, I think so! :grin: )

Star Wars: Death Star Trench Roller Coaster by pasto on Sketchfab

(Pasto) #2

Ok, I'll try to make a Death Star Trench Run, with annotations that drive user through the stages of the battle, from approcing to final shot.

(Tylaread) #3

I'm doing the same scene! Looking forward to how both turn out! Good luck!

(Pasto) #4

The Death Star and Yavin with moon... (planet texture is absolutely a draft)

a first X-Wing attempt...

(Bart) #5

Thanks for joining! I've added one month of Sketchfab PRO to your account so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations for your Star Wars scene. Enjoy :smile:

(Pasto) #6

Thanks! :smile:

Now, I have to use more than 5 annotations! :grin: :smiling_imp:

(Pasto) #7


X-wings aren't on scale with Death Star, otherwise you would have seen only a few pixel :grin:

My (simple) X-Wings

(Pasto) #8

Y-Wing WIP...

(Bart) #9

That's a nice start! Have you tried any of your models as an embed yet?

(Pasto) #10

X-wing by pasto on Sketchfab

(Pasto) #11

In this contest there are some spaceship models that are very beautiful!!! :heart_eyes: My skill are so weak that I cannot challenge with them :grin: ... so I can try to follow a not-real style, deforming my models.

what do you think?

(Kyan0s) #12

I love the cartoon style of your X-Wing. It's great ! :smiley:

(Pasto) #13


I'm trying to update models, to see if it may be the... "right way" :laughing:

(Pasto) #14

and Y-Wing draft... :smile:

I have to work hard to complete project, but this new look It does not seem so bad! "Use the Force Pasto!" :joy:

(Jason Ivens) #15

I liked you original style, but your new cartoon style I really like :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #16

i think it's more fun to break off certain parts sometimes.
I mean most of my characters are not original and that somehow makes it more fun for me.

glad to see you going your own little path down to the dark side of finding your own style.
I would keep going and see where it takes you. Not everything has to be 100% accurate :smile:

(Romainrevert) #17

The SD version is waaaaayyy cooler ! :smiley:
Go with it !

(Pasto) #18

X-wing (Star Wars Contest 2015) by pasto on Sketchfab

Y-wing (Star Wars Contest 2015) by pasto on Sketchfab

Tie Fighter (Star Wars Contest 2015) by pasto on Sketchfab

(Pasto) #19

I'm trying to use a "texture" for model instead materials. The texture it's very simple, like a palette rather a real texture:

Models in previous post are updated.

(Pasto) #20

And the Death Star... :smiling_imp:

Death Star (Star Wars Contest 2015) by pasto on Sketchfab