Star Wars: Pod Racing Scene

(Jack F) #1

I figured I'd take a stab at trying to build the Pod Racing scene from Star Wars Episode I. I've been working on this slowly over the last week and a half, mainly just to get the tiling scenery working right!

(Jack F) #2

Here is a WIP of the canyon scene I've built. The idea is that, instead of a scene with a beginning and an end, it will be more of a VR idle scene, so you can really get in to the scene without having to worry about missing anything in particular

(Jack F) #3

Alright, Engines finished! I was hoping to go 100% baked lighting with this one, for both mobile and background's sake, I'm not sure how that will entirely translate, given the metal material, it was much easier for a (mostly) uniform roughness, like sand and rock


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This is a really dynamic scene! The WIP piece is looking good!

(Jack F) #5

Almost done! I just have a few glitches I might need to work out

(Jack F) #6

Fixed a couple glitches and we're DONE!