Star wars the force awaken - kylo ren vs Rey


(Ab Red) #1

hi! this time, im trying to recreate the iconic scene from SW7 where Rey is fighting against Kylo ren, after kylo ren defeat Finn, i wanted to create something atmospheric and breathtaking, thats why im choosing this scene :slight_smile:

(Twitte King) #2

would you do the splited ground?


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A really dynamic scene-- can't wait to see where you go with this!

(Ab Red) #4

ah.. i guess not.. i will rather recreating the scene when kylo ren just defeat finn and start battle with rey :slight_smile:

(Ab Red) #5

hi!, just finish sketching the idea of the scene, i know it's kinda late to post this kind of stuff, yeah thats coz of my daily work, at this point im not sure i can finish my work on time, but i'll give a shot for this contest :wink:

(Ab Red) #6

rey WIP modeling.. TBH i'm suck at character modeling :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Ab Red) #7

i think it's going well :wink:

(Ab Red) #8

testing the look.. i think im satisfied with the saber light lighting.. xD

(Ab Red) #9

Rey Done!! will upload the sketchfab version later xD

(Ab Red) #10

doing some kylo ren, light saber test before bed :smiley:

(Ab Red) #11

i'll do the hair little bit more maybe xD

(Ab Red) #12

i hope everybody really remember this scene xD

(Ab Red) #13

so i've make some experiment to draw the shading manually, i was inspired by van gogh paint, and here are the result.. other reason i did this is becoz, i think im the only one in this contest who had so boring model xD
since my goal is to making stylized fanart, and i think "just" low poly isn't so satisfy me, so i try to put some more effort on my art..
any critique will helps alot :wink:

(Ab Red) #14

done!! here's the final scene :wink:

(Andrey) #15

Nice work!

(Ab Red) #16

thanks ^^