Star Wars The Last Jedi Scene - Chewie & the Porgs


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Scene Motivation

Hey guys, wanted to share with you the work in progress stages of my next project for Sketchfab. Of course I have been to see the new Star Wars film recently and loved it. I couldn't resist the opportunity to model something on those little Porgs so here is my concept thread.

The inspiration for this scene comes from the BBQ comic moment between Chewie and the Porg. The little Porg guy will be waiting for Chewie to pop out of the Falcon hatch.. He will be holding a No BBQ sign in protest! With a hand painted theme this should convey a bit of fun..

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Basic Shape:

As always in 3DMax I started with a basic shape, I then use a mixture of freeform brushes and the FFD 4x4x4 modifier to manipulate the shape into something that resembles my idea.

Evolution of a Porg

Basic block out of the scene prior to max modeling tools.

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I Spent some time in Photoshop painting up the Porg texture..

You can see below, I tend to use the blur tool often, I find it allows you to dab a few different shades and then use the tool to create the detail strokes required, in this case, fur/feather. The result is stylised but more interesting than just a basic colour.

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For those of you who have seen Star Wars episode VIII this may make some comedic sense.. If not well go see it!.

I have modeled and textured the No BBQ sign and added it to the scene with one of the Porgs holding it with some determination.

I have used the FFD modifier again to pose the Porgs in a few different stances, this allowed me to then place them around the scene, all with a slightly different attitude.

I am going to create a small section of the falcon, to accomodate the hatch that Chewie is sticking out of. Again this will be stylised and hand painted.

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(Dark Minaz) #7

Love the little bird monster things :stuck_out_tongue:
The falcon parts look a bit to edgy though, might be nice if you added a big chamfer look on those parts. But great start so far, looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

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Thanks mate, so I have gone on to improve the scene composition and textures!

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And its complete!