Starcraft Classic Marine I finally modeled

Been wanting to do this for awhile since i own a toy of him sitting on my desk, these classic bad bois have been a pretty awesome child hood to me so been kicking myself to try and model one as there’s not a lot of fan creations of them

Starcraft Classic Marine

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Looks a bit static. Put him in some pose. :wink:

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wish i could, I’d have to try and model and give him some weapons at some point, in fact they’re all static so i can symmetry while texturing, been wanting to pose my models tho later in the futre

The sooner you start, the better :slight_smile: A good pose will give a character to the model

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Very neat!

One thing I would mention is that the helmet seems really smooth to me. I think I can see a bit of breakup in there, but compared to the rest of the model it feel very clean while the rest of the toy has more imperfections and has aged more. Depending on if this is a new or old toy, that might change how it looks. I’m not familiar with your toy, but it’s something that stands out. :slight_smile:

aw man i know what you mean!!! I must’ve accidentally over looked it haha, my bad!