Starship Booster Fighter

(Juanmartin) #1

Hello there!

This is my second upload to Sketchfab. It’s an original design of a StarWars-esque ship based on ww2 corsair plane. Wanted to make something low poly but somehow detailed for a third person or mobile game. Hope you like it!

Would love to know your thoughts.

(Christopherkates) #2

wow! That’s really nice.Each and every detailing is just perfect.I wonder how people could sketch something, which looks exactly live.Being a writer at writer ( write my essay online) all these stuffs are just a wonder for me.I have thought of learning 3D modelling, but due to insufficient time, i dropped it,.

(Juanmartin) #3

Well thank you! I could have used your services back when I was at school. Was awful at writing anything! Anyways, modelling is a lot of fun. If you do have the time try it out! There are tons of tutorials out there and a very helpful community.

Thank you for your kind words and may you have lots of success with your writing!

(Dark Minaz) #4

a very cool concept, personally id tone down the grain and massive dirt
especially around the turbines, or that thing would crash harder than battlefront 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

from a technical aspect some parts make little sense, like the plane direct behind the turbine, it is also missing a way to regulate up and down, generally located on the wings
Also the 2 spikes on the sides seem a bit odd, if you would use them as weapons they would rip off the wing, similar to the 2 next to the main area, if they are menth to be shot at stuff they would need a mechanism to help that.

also needs a r2d2 slot :slight_smile:

(Juanmartin) #5

Hey Dark,

Sorry I didn’t realize you had commented! Thank you for the input! I will tell the personnel to clean up those engines.

As for the plane on the back of the turbine and the lack of r2d2, I had initially planned it to be a submarine ship so I kept that little flap for direction, and thought the droid would go inside. Here is the first concept: .

As for the flaps and ailerons, you’re right! I was too lazy to add them :(. The spikes are supposed to be blasters, but I see the protruding vertex isn’t helping sell the idea, I will push them back in the new iteration.

Thanks a lot for your critique! It was very insightful and helped me realize a lot of things!

May the Force be with you!