Static pose issue whereas animation works fine


Hello everyone,

I finally come here after spending many hours looking for answers on the internet and trying to get away from this problem without any solution.

As you can see on this model, I have a problem with the static pose that moves my weapon, this is also the case with other models that I have not posted yet.

Currently, all the joints and polygons are baked, the animation works fine, the first image of my animation is identical to the first image of my idle, but the static pose seems to interpret it differently …

So I would like to know if someone would have a solution, because I tried everything and I’m tired of not understanding where the problem comes from, despite hours of manipulation.

Thank you in advance for your help.

(Yannick Deharo) #2

Hello @crouzet.charlotte.8 !

I think that the “Static pose” is the “0” frame on your timeline, regardless of the first image of your animation.

Is your “0” frame is okay on your software ? Is the weapon at the right place at that time ?
Does your “0” frame belong to the visible part of the timeline when you are exporting the animation ?

You can find other leads on this page :

PS : I use 3DS Max, I don’t know what is your software… I hope it will help you !


Hello @YannickDeharo thanks for the reply,

Yes my first image (0f) is ok in Maya, as I said it is supposed to be the same as the idle’s one (which is fine in the animation…) and it is visible in the timeline when I export my fbx.

I also already check the page you shared before posting here.

I’m gonna give it another try but as I already played with the export parameters many hours I don’t have much hope to solve the problem.

In any case thank you for your help.

(Yannick Deharo) #4

Well, everything I’m about to say here will certainly sound a little silly but:

1/ In frame 0, is there a key on all tracks (Position+Rotation+Scale) of your weapon ? I imagine yes, because you said that everything is baked… but you can always check.

2/ Did you ever import your FBX file in Maya to see if it is comform to your original animation ?



1/ Yes I did select all my elements, unlock all the chanels and baked them all, verified that there is a key on all the chanels of my weapon at frame 0

2/ I didn’t try but now I did and yes my fbx file display correctly in my software at frame 0.

The thing is, I have 3 models for now, two of them have at least a bone on the weapon, one doesn’t.

1/ One of the model with a bone on the weapon display totally correcty (the static pose is fine), so I applied the same export method for the two others (unlock all chanels, baked all joints and geometry from 0f til the end of the animation…)

2/ The second model doesn’t have a bone on the weapon, but the geometry is also baked and if I load the fbx on my software it diplay correcty from frame 0 til the end of the animation, but the issue is the same : all the animations are fine but the weapon moves on the static pose.

3/ The last model has a bone on the weapon and is the one I sent here, so animations are fine, but not the static pose.

That’s the reason why I’m a bit lost about the reason why the static pose doesn’t want to diplay correctly in sketchfab.

Thank you again for taking the time to help me with this problem.

(Yannick Deharo) #6

No problem, I just try to help… But it’s difficult without the file of course.

If you want, you can send me the fbx of your guy in MP and I’ll try to find something out… (Just the FBX, I haven’t Maya on my PC.) But, if in the end the FBX looks okay, so it should be a Sketchfab problem, and I couldn’t help more.

In this case, I think it’s @waleguene the technical guy from Sketchfab which could help you… So, he is now invoked.

(Waleguene) #7

Hi @crouzet.charlotte.8,

I don’t know Maya very well but I imported your model in 3dsMax (with no animation) and the weapon’s transform is the same as in the static pose on Sketchfab. It seems that the base transform value of the bones transform_weapon and ctrl_weapon is like this before being overriden by animation, and that’s the transform we use for Static pose.

Could you try to import it in Maya with no animation (if FBX import settings allow this) to see if you get the same result ?


Hi @waleguene ,

Sorry for the late answer had some other stuff I had to work on but thank you for your answer.

Well, I did wrote a whole comment about manipulations I did to answer your question (btw, my character was setting ok with an import without animation, maybe I didn’t did it the same way you did?).
But I just erased it all, because I found the SOLUTION.

I couldn’t understand why my weapon was the only element which was moving (because you were right about the base transform of these two joints) while it was the same for all my joints : none of them is on 0 transform at frame 0, as you cannot freeze transform joints on maya (translate don’t work and rotate make you lost the orientation of the bone).

BUT, my weapon was the only element separeted from the rest of the hyerarchy, so I just parented it to the main control, and exported it again, and the animation as the base pose are fine.

I though I already tried it before but had unwanted tranform on it due to the parenting, but apparently not. Also because when I read a lot of topics about people trying to export a full scene, it wasn’t an issue to select different joint hyerarchy for the exportation. It even was the only solution for some complex scenes.

Thank you both for your help ! I can finally move on with these models.

(Yannick Deharo) #9

At last! Well done to you! :clap:

How did you make your weapon follow your hand without being part of the hierarchy ? In 3DS Max, as soon as you link one object to another, it generates the hierarchy. Did you use some position and orientation constraint or something like this ?


Exactly @YannickDeharo , I used constraints :wink:

It’s more convenient to put key to start and stop the constraint. I used it most of the time for separeted objects, as they are not part of the body.

Here it was mostly for the death animation for that character, but for another one, who has a long stick, I wanted to switch sometimes from the hand contraint (that control the full stick) to the bottom of the stick constraint (that would lead the hand).

Thank you also for your time on this issue of course :blush: