Static poses support

(Yannick Deharo) #1

Hi everyone,

I have a suggestion about a feature that could be added to the multi-takes support. Your system is already very cool but I believe you can add a “multi-poses” support.

When I upload a multi-takes FBX, I sometimes want to add some additional static poses among the different takes. So, I export an animation of 1 frame. The problem is that Sketchfab Viewer considers that is a real animation : It constantly reloads the same frame and that can’t stop flickering. I have to press ❚❚ to obtein a clean result.

Is-it possible to program a new behavior for the viewer : When a “1 frame” animation is loaded, he must behave like he does with the “static pose”. That is to say that the “Play / Pause” button will be replaced by the square shaped “Stop” one, and nothing moves!

If not, could it be possible to have a “static” option in the track’s drop down menu, just next to “Seemless loop, Rename and Delete” in order to obtein the same result?

Thank you !!

(Yannick Deharo) #2

When you chose the option “repeat all” on the player, maybe it could display all the animations and poses, with a same preset time for all the static poses ?


There’s a possible workaround that you can see an example of here:

The animation takes are used to display different outfits for the character. The animation mode is set to No Repeat. It plays through each one once, then you can switch between them and the timeline will stay still.

I’m not sure if an animation of 1 frame would be a perfect factor to use to decide on a new behavior, but it’s an interesting idea.

(Yannick Deharo) #4

Hi @james !

Thank you for your answer !

I considerate your suggestion, but if it’s not a problem here, that’s because we haven’t to switch from an animated take, to a static one. But, for one or another project we could like to combine both.

I’ll take my dragon as an exemple. I want him to walk when the page is loaded. I want to set several poses too. So I set one of them as a static pose, and another one as a classic take. I put my work on Sketchfab in order to present it to possible future employers but I hope that they don’t juge me for the noise in the rendering. Because I wouldn’t always be with them to explain they have to pause it or to click on “no repeat” in order to enjoy the best rendering.

It’s such a problem to me that, you could see, I named the take in order to suggest this idea to the viewer… But this doesn’t really solve the problem and sounds like some admitted lack of control ! So, for the moment, I don’t add another pose.

I don’t really know if it could be a good factor. I’m not really a developper :wink: ! Just, that make perfect sense to me.

Whatever, that can be cool to have a proper support of poses. And to include them in the “Repeat all” cycle :slight_smile: !

(I hope my english writing is understandable, and that I’m not rude :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the details and example. I definitely understand the use-case, it’s a good idea! I will pass on the feedback and see how we can improve this in the future.

(Your English is very good and you are definitely not rude :slight_smile: )

(Yannick Deharo) #6

Thank you !
I hope such a thing will come to life on Sketchfab. If it’s the case, please, let me know :smile: