Steam browser not displaying Sketchfab

(Sannie01) #1


I've been using Sketchfab to display some of my models in the workshop. But it seems a recent update of steam or sketchfab broke the compatibility display in the steam browser. Now I only get "sorry your model couldn't be displayed." This is ofcourse because steam browser doesn't support webgl, but what happened to the compatibility view?



We can't reproduce the issue. Is it just a specific model? It's possible the fallback viewer hadn't been generated yet.

(Sannie01) #3

It's with every model and even older models where the fallback viewer I know was working. For example: : Ofcourse you would have to browse to it with a non compatible browser or the steam client. Other contentcreators on are reporting the same issue.


Sorry about that, it is indeed broken. We're working on a fix.

(Slaterbbx) #5

Still broken, any update on this?

Even on supported browsers, the models are no longer showing up on steam workshop displays.

EXAMPLE: ( Never mind, I cannot post links... )



Hmm, there's a problem with the way they added the model URL. We'll contact the Steam team.

It's still working in the game descriptions:

And workshop pages: