Steamboat Willie Animation


(Fat Of The Land) #1

(Bart) #2

I love it :slight_smile: How did you create this?

(Fat Of The Land) #3

Hey man. Glad you like it. I basically rotoscoped it in 3ds max. Started by cutting the video in a loop, loaded it in 3ds max viewport and started modelling him on a closer to a tpose frame. Then i rigged him using various IKs and FKs and used morphers for the face expressions and the body. The original is animated in 2s…so from 320frames i had in the loop i had to only keyframe 160, but i reused many keyframes as the whole animation is basically a loop. I exported it as alembic for sketchfab as i used many unconventional rigging tricks that weren t supported on FBX.
There are still some issues in the shoulder area but it looks ok overall

(Bart) #4

Ahh, Alembic, interesting! Thanks for walking me through your workflow :+1: