Steampunk Projector

Hello, I have done this steampunk projector in maya as part of a task for a course that I am taking, the textures are basic and I hope later to make an appropriate one, any advice or criticism will be well received.

Nice idea of the projector. Do you have a poly count limit? I am asking because some of the model parts look very smooth and some very edgy. This looks strange to me and gives an idea that you could not decide if you want model to look realistic or low poly. And since its a projector, I would add some film somethere. Talking about textures, AO is you friend :slight_smile: I think it will help a lot.

I didn’t have a poly count limit but what I did have was a deadline, so I couldn’t give it as much detail as I wanted. I also planned to put an old low poly scene that I did as a projection on a wall but time was not my friend jajajajaja later when I go on vacation I will improve it and add more things that I missed.

I was talking about this film :slight_smile:

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Aaaaah jajajajaja my bad, i forgot about that jajajaja