STEP animation not working


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STEP animation is not working correctly in the Sketchfab viewer when I upload a glTF model (.gltf with embedded buffers).

It works correctly in gltf-viewer.donmccurdy dot com and my own viewer.

interpolation is STEP, but sketchfab seems to want to interpolate it with LINEAR.

I can’t attach the model as this is my first post, let me know if you need more details.



I also responded to your support ticket. We’re investigating!


We have implemented STEP interpolation for glTF. It should go live in our next release. ETA next Tuesday.


The fix just shipped. I reprocessed your TV model and it seems correct now, but I guess you still need to add the textures for each frame.

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Hi James,

Then that would be another bug in Sketchfab, each frame already has an emissive texture, did you look at the model in a glTF viewer?

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It looks like there were no textures imported with the glTF file.

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Hi James,

The textures are embedded within the glTF, is it possibly an issue with the importer? See attached for original .gltf file (531.1 KB)

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Hmm, I don’t remember if we support embedded textures yet, @waleguene ?

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We don’t currently support embedded textures for .gltf/.glb. This is something that has been in our todo list for a long time but never came up in the priorities.
It’s easy to add and we may add it very soon.


We’ve added support for embedded textures.

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My models failed to upload - previously they uploaded but without the textures showing.



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@waleguene can you take a look?