Stepped Keyframes Blender


(Jimmygunawan) #1

I am uploading a BLEND file animation which has Stepped keyframes in it, hoping to get stop motion jerkiness animation. But somewhat I realized Sketchfab converted the animation into normal Linear. Stepped keys seem ignored.

Try rotating Suzanne head, Euler Rotation and stepped for every frames to make full rotation, and the result is just a normal smoothed animation. Any idea how to make this works? Should I just use linear animation keyframes, but with sub-keys?

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @jimmygunawan,

Unfortunately, our Blender processing doesn't handle STEP keyframes well right now. All actions are baked at 30 FPS using linear keyframes, that's why you have a smoothed animation with your model.
It's something that we still have to improve. As workaround, you could try to export your scene in FBX to see if it can fix the problem.

I'm adding a note to the related ticket, and we will work on it.
I'll keep you in touch when it's done and live.

Thanks for reporting