Stereoscopic desktop viewer application (Windows)

(Davidjb) #1

I have a Windows-based computer setup that supports stereoscopic 3D output (via either quad-buffered stereo or NVIDIA's 3D Vision technology) and I'm looking for a desktop application viewer that supports one of these methods of stereo 3D and can open the models available on Sketchfab.

So far, the best option I've found is, which supports NVIDIA 3D Vision directly. Whilst it works in stereo 3D with my setup, the file formats it supports are limited, and there are no configuration options beyond stereo on/off. Viewshape Win seems to not support textures on models, which makes viewing less than optimal.

Are there any other options out there with this type of support? Thanks in advance!

For note, the 3D configuration is all handled by my NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics card, with it handling the stereo processing and outputting two discrete video signals to each different display.

(Relax) #2

any news about this?
i also search a 3d vision viewer for my 3d models
why sketchfab dont support at least SBS or OU mode on desktop?
dear developers, it should be easy to implement


At the moment, we're only working on stereoscopic mobile and WebVR desktop/mobile VR headsets.

(Relax) #4

Hi James
how hard would be showing models in half sidebyside mode with the VR button at the corner when somebody is in desktop mode? This way every 3D display owner could enjoy these nice objects in real 3D.
Please consider, 'cos we don't have any stereo viewer, but millions of displays, and clients will definetly love this kind of presentation..
thank you!