Stereoscopic side by side view


in the forums I read a lot about people using a stereoscopic side by side view in the browser when viewing a model. Is this still around? I only see a google glass icon. When I click that,… so far I only see blank screens. On my phone, I do see an initial view, but when I touch the screen, it kind of moves in unintelligible ways, and then I don’t see anything. Is it possible to get a stereoscopic view, that navigates like the monoscopic one? That would be nice. I use a clip on stereoscopic viewer on my phone to view side by side photos and movies.


Our support for cardboard viewers has been deprecated. Android it might still be sort of useable, but iOS is very broken

hmmf only if you close one eye. The android app only displays a single image (on my device), not 2 imgs side by side. Unfortunate…