Stereoscopic viewing showing the same image for both eyes

(Alexwann202) #1

Hello guys. It looks like stereoscopic viewing on Sketchfab app showing the same image for both eyes therefor rendering out the stereo effect. Can it be fixed?

Regards, Alex



Hmm. What phone are you using?

(Alexwann202) #3

Hello James

I’ve tested on both iPhone 5 and iPhone 7. I know other users experiencing the same thing. I think this bug appeared when you did last iPhone app update about 6 month ago. Really hope you can fix it asap.

Regards, Alex

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Hello guys! Any news?



I can confirm this as well. I use iPhone 8 and it seems the 3D effect is completely non functional in both the browser and app compared to earlier versions of the viewers.


Thanks. I just tested with an iPhone 8 Plus with a Cardboard, and the stereoscopic view was sufficient for me to view in 3D without any double vision.

However, you’re right there seems to be no difference in the two eyes, which can’t be right… :confused:

(Alexwann202) #7

Hello James.

Do you know roughly when it can be fixed? I’m doing client presentation next month and was hoping to use Sketchfab app for stereoscopic showcase.

Thanks a lot, Alex

(Alexwann202) #8

Any news?


Not yet, sorry!

(Paul Sketch) #10

We’re on a track for a possible solution, fix should be in next release