Stitching several animations together

Hi all,
I am working on an animation that shows a development of several stages. The first ones are simple, the later ones complex. Although I could find a way to make the mesh so that I can show the complete animation with one mesh, it will take so much more work to figure out such a mesh. So my question: With two or three animations stitched together it would take me three times shorter than when I try to do it in one go. I know frames can be stitched, can whole animations?

No they cannot, it’s not supported on the “frame animation” flow.
It’s really intended for static mesh

only Way I can see is to have three mesh on screen at same time, and use “scale to hide” the two other “non playing”


Hi Paul,
That’s what I figured. Pity. The workaround you mention is indeed what I am going to do.

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