STL File for 3D printing


(Hawkeye1) #1

If relevant, PLEASE include the model URL and other information so we can quickly investigate. Thanks! :smile:

Model URL:

1457839012_HAWKEYEIMAOPENPIPELINE by DroneDeploy on Sketchfab

Operating System:
Description of problem: How do I get an STL file for a 3D printer

(Ndrakey) #2

So you want to convert a Obj to a Stl file ?
I think Autodesk Meshmixer can save stls. What App and what 3dPrinter/Firmware are you using ?

I would say that you have to apply thickness/shell to your mesh first.


MeshLab can do it very easily too:

But as @ndrakey says, I'm not sure how well this model will print in its current state

(Jasontaylor190) #4

I can't get an obj to download using Chrome on mac... It comes as a zip that isn't valid. I even try to rename the .zip to .obj but it doesn't work when I then try to import into meshmixer or autodesk 123design. any tips would be appreciated.

(Dark Minaz) #5

uhm unpack the zip?^^


@jasontaylor190 are you still having trouble?

(Juang3d) #7

You can also export to STL from OBJ with Blender (that's the software I use). As ndrakey and James say, this model is not currently printable, because it needs to be watertight (totally closed).

(Ginayui) #8

Netfab can also open an .obj file and then export it as an .stl. You can also repair files to some extent with netfab.