Stolen Models now get promotion from SketchFab?

(Fake100) #1

So one of the finalist of Artstation “Beneath the Waves” challange - Ilya Gagarin get his model stolen by scam site desirefx. me (search “ygark” on this site) via marmoset web viewer ripper.

And now his model ended up on sketchfab there you can download it for free (120 people already downloaded that stolen model).

And on top of that - it is now “Staff Picked” and gets promotion through official Sketchfab official social networks with credits to the thief and not original artist!

Twitter (twitter. com/Sketchfab/status/1121519339314741249) and Facebook (both already deleted) :

That’s quite a mess.
What do you intend to do so this won’t happen again?
Will “K Wang” Sketchfab account be restricted in some way?

(Bart) #2

Thanks for reporting. We have removed the staff pick and social media mentions and are investigating this.