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Stop motion animation and "sketchfab.timeframe" text file


(Catilaporte) #1

I am trying to upload an animated voxel scene following the instructions (below) but the upload gives me an error and it aborts the upload, i tried zipped folder as well as the unzipped files, I guess there is something wrong with the import of the sketchfab.timeframe file... :cold_sweat:

"It's possible to use multiple model files to create a stop motion
animation. You just need to include all the models and a special
"sketchfab.timeframe" text file."

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(Mrchlblng) #2

hey @catilaporte,

could you give me the url for your failed timeframe upload please?

In the meantime, we've changed how it should be used and I'm not sure if you're using the 'new' format: is up to date.
Also note that at the moment the feature does not work with blender models.

(Catilaporte) #3

the upload is canceled automaticaly each time,
the additional file should be called "sketchfab.timeframe"? right?
(3 minutes later...)
i now uploaded only the 3 voxel scenes together without the text file , and it gave also an error..and cancels the uplaod --editing-oups! m y mistake , i had to zip them... :fearful:

(Mrchlblng) #4

oh, so if I understand correctly it is not an issue occuring when we process the data but rather an issue while your file is being uploaded to our servers?

(Catilaporte) #5

@mrchlblng mrchlblng
Here is the latest try , this time it didn't abort the upload
but give an error 13

(Mrchlblng) #6

@catilaporte, the content of sketchfab.timeframe in your upload is not correct. You need to list the models to display in it (you don't need to specify a duration as we have a default value that should be just fine for voxel animation). So changing the content of sketchfab.timeframe to


will give you

(Catilaporte) #7

Great!!! thanks !!!

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