Stop motion & Annotations

(Gilles38) #1

Just to share, maybe the staff can comment on that.
I guess the 'stop motion' animation is not really compatible with annotations, yet the annotation menu is available in the 3D settings so I used it with my simple animation.
In this first example (35 OBJ files), you can see that the annotations are not following the models which is probably kind of expected (but too sad !) since the frames are from different files, unlike a real animation coming directly from a Blender file (or FBX file ?) for instance.

Here comes the strange behaviour : in this longer version (50 OBJ files), the 3 annotations are all coming quickly to the center of the scene (behind the ball) after about 0.2 sec.

On a more general point of view it would be nice to have a timeline for the annotations, because you don't necesseraly want to have all annotations visible during the whole animation, even with a real animation file.
Just my 2 cents.


Thanks for the tests and feedback. The Time Frame feature is still a bit experimental, so this isn't really a use case we prepared for.

More control over annotation timing and feedback would certainly be interesting, and we're aware that annotations can be a bit inconsistent combined with animations.

cc @mrchlblng & @stephomi & @mauricesvay

(Stephomi) #3

Indeed the annotations can't work correctly with the timeline feature.

(Cheech) #4

I got the same problem. Looks like timeframe function is still not so compatible with the annotation function.
even though, it's still very powerful and convenient to me:grinning: