Stop-Motion error 13 with timeframe


(Gurgentorosyan) #1

Hey everyone,

I have been trying to upload a stop-motion animation with the timeframe method for the past hour or so and have failed every time. I always get error 13.

I get the message even though sketchfab shows me that the file is being uploaded and transfer was completed (in the description window where you can type in the name, further info and tags whilst uloading the file. The error comes right after I click “Continue” in the description window).

Here is the link (since I am a new user, I am not allowed to post a link. here is my model number instead: 1c829d04593c4136af015172538e70d3)

I looked for other uploaders/topics with the same issues and so far was not able to find my mistake. I uploaded all the .obj separately to test if something is wrong with them. But they uploaded just fine.

My timeframe file consists of:

0.5 Anatomy_Model.obj
0.5 Dog_1.obj

Thanks a lot in advance! Since this is a test for an upload I’ll be doing for a contest later tonight, it would be amazing if I could find my mistake before. As I am sure I’m missing a nooby-step here… :smiley:

(Stephomi) #2

Your files end with .OBJ, not .obj.
We should probably handle that though, but in the meanwhile you can just rename your file.

(Gurgentorosyan) #3

You are a lifesaver, stephomi! Thanks a lot for the quick response. It worked!

Man… As I figured: noobie-mistake :smiley: Hadn’t thought about the file names…

Again: thanks!