Store checkout: how to delete items?

The checkout panel would benefit from a delete button. I’m told I’ve ordered a model I neither admire nor have a use for. I cannot reject it, only facilitate payment. Hmmm. (Jaspa Sofa 2, $6.00)


I agree the interface is not very clear and we’ll discuss this internally, but it’s possible.
Click the “edit” bottom at the top-right corner of the cart.

Hope that helps,


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Thanks pap, this opens up something deeper – and probably invisible to SF staff – an issue worth pondering. I looked at the cart entry you included. I stared, I scoured, I just didn’t see the word edit. I’m one among an unknown number of SF enthusiasts whose vision is compromised. If you look at the cart image edit is in pale blue type while other text is contrasty black on white. I remember having better vision – this would have never crossed my mind. But it is only after being told it was there could I find it. This is something I wish more graphic designers knew.

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