Stormtrooper Dances Thriller to Star Wars Music


Star Wars Contest 2015: Stormtrooper Dances Thriller to Star Wars Music

Stormtrooper from Starwars Thriller Dance FBX by Makeamo on Sketchfab

Heres the Sound synced Version

(Shaderbytes) #3

You do realize the competition had a set of scenes from the movies you had to choose from to make your entry? I dont think storm troopers dancing like michael jackson was ever in a star wars movie. Your effort to promote your mocap animations in this instance are kind of in bad taste , no offence intended.


Ok, Yes Your right

I didnt know that.

I have since removed from the contest and the tags referring

Thanks and Cheers.


P.S. there was dancing in the Catina, was there not?

For you to suggest there was no dancing in any starwars movie is kinda poor taste in my opinion

(Shaderbytes) #6

No offense intended as mentioned , its just in light of the competition rules (recreating specific scenes from the movies ) that I brought this to you attention.


Yes, I appreciate that, in fact I was not adhering to the entry rules. Thank you for correcting me..