Strange blur effect on edges. Maybe FXAA?

(Cryunreal) #1

I see that you made temporal antialiasing when the camera stops. But i think you dont turn off FXAA. TAA (or real supersample AA) + FXAA = BLUR EFFECT. You need to turn off FXAA when camera stops.)

Viewer rendering low quality in full screen
(Stephomi) #2

You are right, it's the FXAA.

(no fxaa on the right)

Althought the crown and ear edges are a bit aliased, we can see that the fxaa kind of blur everything (wrinkles, eye reflection halo, nose).

@tuan_kuranes (or @paul_sketch :smile: ? )

(Cryunreal) #3

When you turn off fxaa? It is really important.

(Paul Sketch) #4

Yes, already under investigation

(Stephomi) #5

We are working on a fix, we'll ping you back when it'll be live.

(Cryunreal) #6

I very happy that sketchfab has good support. I think that i can help you as technical 3d artist later.)

(Bart) #7

You can :smile:

(Cryunreal) #8

I am sorry... I would like to work in your company, but i am working in Unigine as Lead 3D Artist and Technical 3d Artist and i like my job))). By the way I met with you on Siggraph 2015. But if you need to help, you can contact with me.

(Paul Sketch) #9

Updated the AA code, tell us if you still find strange artifacts or anything. Thanks

(Cryunreal) #10

I am sorry for so slowly feedback...
Yes, i see the problem with AA.
enter link description here

i have attached screenshoot.
It is very important for art with lot of flickers and lines. It just imortant for everything!))

(Cryunreal) #11

i think you need to increase angle of camera jitter, but very accurate... or you will get bad smooth effect)

(Paul Sketch) #12

Hard to say on that model, as it's heavily postprocessed, the sharpen doesn't help, and those postproc can alter the AA in way we cannot prevent.

(Cryunreal) #13

How many frames do you accumulate for TAA? And what the type of jitter do you use?

(Paul Sketch) #14

32 jitter using halton
( only static TAA on static frame )

(Stephomi) #15

By the way, there's a bug that prevents the TAA to be triggered sometimes (since 2-3 weeks).
It will be fixed on the next release.

As @paul_sketch stated, a model without sharpen (or postprocess) would make more sense for us to detect caveats.

(Cryunreal) #16

Yes, halton is the best jitter for TAA. 32 samples should be enough... Really Strange... :neutral_face:

(Cryunreal) #17

Thank you! I will wait this fix)