Strange white squares (thumbnail only)

Hello :slight_smile: as the title says, I found some strange white squares, for some newly uploaded models, in the preview thumbnail.
You can see it here: 3D models by Meshfinder (@meshfinder) - Sketchfab
Once u click on some model (the potato) it is not visible anymore.

I already tried to change the light settings, but still, it stays the same.

Is there anything I can do?

It looks like some sort of error in generating the thumbnails and the turntable images. If you click the ‘Save View’ button on any of your models it should trigger these to be queued for reprocessing (I’m not sure how long that will take).

If that doesn’t fix the issue, you should submit a support request here:

Thank you, I did already try to recapture thru “save view”. Unfortunately, that didn’t help, I contacted the support already.

Should I find a solution, I am gonna post it here