Street Art Scanning

(Louis) #1


With /alban and /corentin, we began to scan some street arts we love in NYC. There are some incredible stuffs on public walls! Some are permanent, some are just out there for a couple of weeks.
It's a lot of fun to scan, and the results are easily pretty good - even with just a smartphone and Recap360.

If you pass by some nice pieces, scan and share them here!
Add the tag "streetart" to complete the collection (

And if you have any ideas to find a fun/interesting way to show 2D public artworks in 3D, let's talk about it! For instance, I thought of scanning this street art in a corner.

(Louis) #2


Another scan where advertising meets street art.

This one was on top of a building in NYC. I took 27 pictures and processed them in Recap360. I thought the result was going to be just "ok" as the artwork was very far and high, but actually it's pretty cool.
So even without a drone, we should be able to scan pretty interesting stuffs on buildings! smile

NYC Street Art β€” Corona, Find your Beach by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Alban) #3

Very cool topic, @louis!

The street is not a 2D canvas, so it does deserve 3D capture smile Here are some of my latest street art scans:

# NO PARKING * by alban on Sketchfab

Streetart on Rivington st, NYC by alban on Sketchfab

(Corentin) #4

Here are two scans of Troutman Street, made by the Bushwick Collective, a Brooklyn based street art association who received an authorisation to make my neighborhood one of the the coolest in the world (special dedication to Notorious BIG in the last annotation of the second scan).

Bushwick Collective, Troutman Street, Brooklyn by corentin on Sketchfab

Bushwick Collective, Troutman Street, Brooklyn 3 by corentin on Sketchfab

Bushwick represent!

(Louis) #5

I have seen and scanned this one on Ave B and 3rd St, New York, in Alphabet City.

NYC Street Art β€”Β Bad Cats by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

And this one in Chinatown, on Orchard St and Division St.

NYC Street Art β€” Orchard St/Division St by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Mauricesvay) #6

We also have some cool street artists in Paris!

My bike in the street #3DST17 by Maurice S. on Sketchfab

(Louis) #7

Today, a new scan from Alphabet City, NYC.
The district is named Alphabet City has it is in the south-east of Manhattan, where avenues are not figures but letters. There is this amazing mural I wanted to scan since I landed here. Here it is!
I shot almost 150 pictures with my iPhone 6 and processed the whole thing with Photoscan. It was so heavy that /james and I were obliged to stop at the point cloud.

NYC Street Art β€” Alphabet City by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab


An older scan of mine, but a nice piece of street art:

Tony's Bicycle Shop (Street Art) #3DST27 by James on Sketchfab

(Louis) #9

And let's continue the series of murals for marketing, with Oreo!

NYC Street Art β€” Discover with Oreo by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #10

I'm trying to experiment new ways to make the most of urban art 3D captures.
How to insiste on the fact that the street is not a 2D canvas (Β© /alban wink)? Corners?

NYC Street Art β€” Marta Valle High School by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #11

A very colorful one.

NYC Street Art β€” The Quality Mending Co. by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #12

A series of scan of Bradley Theodore's murals in NYC. I still have to process a couple of others.

NYC Street Art β€” Skeletal by B. Theodore by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

NYC Street Art β€” Karl Lagerfeld by B. Theodore by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

NYC Street Art β€” Terry Richardson by B. Theodore by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Ben Kreunen) #13

Recording street art is one of the target subjects for a multi-camera pole-mounted rig I'm working on. Only working with a single camaera at the moment to figure out the most practical camera/processing combinations, but the idea is to have a pole mounted rig that can record an entire laneway in a single pass, or other larger environments at a more practical speed than a single camera.

Early handheld test,

(Louis) #14

Your capture looks awesome! Love the idea.
Feel free to add the tag "streetart" to it, and it will be in the dedicated page
Keep us posted about your multi-camera pole-mounted rig! Sounds super interesting!

(Ben Kreunen) #15

Pole Pixie arrived today which will make balancing my Canon1Ds III a bit easier wink Building the rig may depend on getting a grant, but that doesn't stop me testing different configurations/strategies. Multi-camera rig would use more sensible cameras like Samsung NX3000 with 10mm lens (or circular fisheye)

(Louis) #16

Just had a look at the Pole Pixie - that's cool. A nice inexpensive way to capture everything around a mural.
Talking about fisheye, I'll try a scan with a GoPro. Curious to see the result then.

(Louis) #17

And another one with the NYC-based hip hop band - Beastie Boys!

NYC Street Art β€”Β Beastie Boys by D. Mastrion by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #18

Keeping up trying to make the most of just my iPhone and free softwares, I captured this mural on top of a building.

Nyc Street Art β€” We Own The Future by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #19

I tried to add a Google Street View fixed background to my last scan. Looks like a "real life embed". I thought it could be a way to add more context to urban art scans.
Any thoughts?

NYC Street Art β€” Audrey Hepburn by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #20

A mural from Santa Cruz...

Mural behind Sockshop and Shoe Company by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab