Street Art Scanning

(Louis) #21


Just wanna share some tips on how to add a Google Street View background and create a "real-life" embed. It's super easy. I'll take an example.

  • Find the location of the urban artwork on Google Street View (

  • Click on the Settings button on the top right of your screen, and Share or embed image

  • Go on Embed image, choose the Custom size 1920 x 1080 (because 16 x 9 seems to be the best resolution for fixed backgrounds on Sketchfab), and click on Preview actual size.
    Now you obtain a preview with less labels, easier to screenshot then.

  • You can zoom in and out. I personally prefer to use the widest field of view to add a lot of context to my 3D captures.

  • Take a screenshot.

  • If you are very meticulous, you can enhance it on iPhoto/Photoshop or any other software. At the end of the day, it will be the background of your amazing 3D capture! It may deserves some basic enhancement wink

  • Go on the 3D Settings of your model, and import your Google Street View screenshot as fixed background.

  • Now you can embed your 3D capture onto this environment. Play with the Camera Field of View to get the model lined up on oblique screenshots.

  • You can also think about using annotations to add even more interactivity to your "real-life embeds". I usually add an annotation to save the initial position of the model (people will be able to come back to this real-life position just clicking on this annotation!), and some more for closer looks.
    You just have to go on Annotations and double click anywhere on your model to add one. Make sure you save a nice preview (clicking on the small camera logo on the top right of your annotation) for each one you make.

  • There you go! And when you share your model, just add "/embed?annotation_cycle=4" at the end of its link, and the annotations will be run automatically wink
    (The forum doesn't seem to support this extension, so just check my annotations manually smile )

NYC Street Art — Inside Out Project by JR by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

Have fun!

3D Scanning Thursday 48: Money!
(Louis) #22

The Rag & Bone store in NYC is a real canvas for street artists, the wall changes on a regular basis.
Here is how it is as of today, by Alexis Diaz.

Play the annotations wink

NYC Street Art — Rag & Bone by Alexis Diaz by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #23

Magda Love is sticking retro tapes in NYC!

Play the annotations.

NYC Street Art — Retro Tape by Magda Love by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #24

You may have seen my "Greetings from Chinatown" and "Alphabet City" models: big famous murals.
Here is a new one, Harlem Hall of Fame!

Play the annotations.

NYC Street Art — Harlem Hall Of Fame by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Ben Kreunen) #25

I quite like this. It occasionally looks a little odd but for the most part it's great. If you're using an iPhone, another alternative may be to use Photosynth to capture a panorama yourself at the time that you capture the 3D model.

(Louis) #26

Many thanks for the tip! I'll try Photosynth. Just discovered Photo Sphere on the store as well - an app from Google. The results on both look great.

Now, I need to learn how to add a capsule with the panorama around my model smile

Btw, here is my last scan. "NYC" by Buff Monster.

NYC, by Buff Monster by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #27

A piece of urban act activism from the Bushwick Collective block party of last weekend in Brooklyn.

Stop Killing Each Other, by Hunt Rodriguez by Louis Bidou on Sketchfab

(Louis) #29

Untapped Cities uncovers the best of urban life from cities around the globe.
They covered street art 3D capturing two months ago, and they just announced a new series about this topic!
So add the tag "streetart" to your scans, share them here, and you'll have a chance to be covered!

Here is the first post of this new series:

(Ben Kreunen) #30

Finally got around to a camera orientation test for a pole mounted rig. Single path (zig-zag) along the laneway, 3 portrait shots (straight ahead, left and right) one landscape shot (looking behind, 20-30° down). No pole this time as I was on my way to work so camera height ~2m. Second set of images at top of a pole would provide a cleaner point cloud.

Graffiti laneway 2 - revised by UoM Digitisation Centre on Sketchfab

Separation between camera positions was a bit too much in some places leading to a bit of distortion. Gotta bed down the lens settings for my full frame fisheye.

(Ben Kreunen) #31

I've put the raw point cloud online for reference, to show the extent of the reconstruction using a full frame fisheye. Total scene is only 241 images. Raw point cloud

(Abby Crawford) #32

Here's another lovely Santa Cruz mural. I tried to zoom in on some spots (with/for annotations), but it wouldn't work, for whatever reason.

Pearl Alley Mural by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

p.s. As Louis always says, "play the annotations." smile

(Ben Kreunen) #33

The model is a distance behind the origin and the camera will only move so close. To zoom in closer, try rotating the model to side on, then drag it forward with the right mouse button (e.g. turn the wall so it's facing the left, then drag it to the left) When you rotate it back, you'll find that you can zoom in closer.

(Abby Crawford) #34

Thanks, @uomdigitisation - it worked like a charm!

(Ben Kreunen) #35

OK, here's a quick processing run of one of Melbourne's more popular street art sites, Hosier Lane. Setting these up can be quite tricky, but I found a simple way to set up the annotations.

  1. Start with Orbit viewer mode and move to a part of the scene. It takes a bit of maneuvering to rotate/reposition the object and reposition yourself until the model rotates around you at that point (left mouse to rotate, scroll wheel to move backwards/forwards, right click to move model)
  2. Once you've got this set for one point switch to First Person viewer mode and set the rest of your annotations. At each of those points, a person using Orbit viewer mode will be able to look around without being flung through walls.


Hosier Lane, Melbourne by UoM Digitisation Centre on Sketchfab

(Alban) #36

Just made a quick and dirty scan of street art on a truck!

Street art on a truck by alban on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #37

This is one of my favorites from the San Francisco meetup:

SF3D - 3 murals by Abby Crawford on Sketchfab

(Louis) #38

A new scan from New York. This shop was under construction, and someone took time to give the storefront a new life :wink:

Facing Street Art by Louis on Sketchfab

(Nicolas) #39

Hey ! Joining the thread with my first street art 3D scan :smile:
I have to spend more time post processing the photos so that it looks better!

Street Art by Nico on Sketchfab

(Cqs) #40

Thanks for the tips! Very cool project.

(Nicolas) #41

Hey !

Here is another street art scan that I did this morning. I really need to spend time post processing the photos and the model but I really hate doing it as already said before :innocent:

Panda street art by Nico on Sketchfab