Street Art Scanning

(Alban) #42

My latest street art scan: it's a mobile one!

"Not approved" street art van by alban on Sketchfab

(Ben Kreunen) #43

Working on a composite image of a very long wall using photogrammetry. Looking relatively promising considering I only had a Gopro with me at the time. A hurried shoot in response to our state library setting up a street art archive and the impending clearing of the walls for Meeting of Styles (Melbourne)

Would be interesting to create a model of specific laneways and then update the texture maps over time, although technically challenging

(Ben Kreunen) #44

Finished version is here. Will have to do some serious scans of the laneways from what I've seen on Facebook/Instagram #MOSMelbourne before they get painted over/"tagged"

(Ben Kreunen) #45

My biggest street art scan yet. Hosier Lane again (after Meeting of Styles).

Hosier Lane 8/4/16 by UoM Digitisation Centre on Sketchfab

(Abby Crawford) #46

I shot this at the MAH today:

Abbott Square Pre-Demolition Art by Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History on Sketchfab

It was painted by these guys:

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(Jeremielouvetz) #47

Hi all!

It seems that i am a little late but it does not matter, i'm joining the thread too with my first Street Art 3D scan. This model is “The Smile” of Gregos, a French artist known for creating replicas of his face with different humors and gluing them on the walls of cities all around the world.

See you ...

(Jeremielouvetz) #48

And here is my second Street Art 3D scan which is another and very colorful Gregos piece ...

(Matmoeb) #49

Nice work!
Have you thought about making a "map" for the Destinations VR game?
We have a couple street art locales on there and I'd love to see more.

(Theovasilis) #50

Here is a cool cat I stumbled upon

(Mantas T) #52

some more street art scans:

(Isabella Mia) #53

You can try another effective 3d wall art. It’s a kind of carved background board, is a cultural art decorative material based on traditional polyester board as a substrate. It’s made by engraving printing technology with rigorous production process and exquisite workmanship…