Stress tests or material limits?

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How many 4k textures sets can you comfortably use in a sketchfab scene? Iv'e searched for stress/torture tests, but I havent been able find much reading material on it.

What is the max amount of full 4k texture sets that can be used towards a larger scene, like a city scape, or demo game level, while still remaining accessible or stable to users with average pc's? (not necessarily other artists with high end setups)

And is there any performance difference between using a 4k map set versus 16 1k map sets?


Keep in mind that WebGL (and therefore Sketchfab) is hardware-accelerated. Performance limits depend almost completely on the device/browser being used.

Here are some details that I hope can answer your questions:


While there's no strict rule here, we've found that 4k or 8k textures are a good limit. I.E. it's better to use a 4k texture than several 2k textures, but it's usually better to use a few 8k textures rather than a 16k texture.

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"10 textures or less, especially when they are 4k+"

so I did read through the faq, is this referring through individual textures, like normal map, color, ect or does that mean whole sets of textures, or 10 sets of 4k textures?

I guess I just want to ask, is four whole material sets of 4k textures unreasonable for one scene? The faq was good, but should I basically just do my own tests to see what works out?


10 images. Again, just a rule of thumb.

4096 px * 4096 px * 4 channels (RGBA) = ~67 MiB of VRAM required to render each texture. Some GPUs can properly handle just A, or just RGB, but many cannot. It's often safe to assume 4 channels.

Yep, best thing to do is test! :smile: