Stuck in a reupload loop

I’ve just tried to re upload a model in both Safari and Chrome but each time I get stuck in a loop. I upload the zip or plain files, the progress bar shows the upload progress, then at 100% the blue Reupload Model button reappears after greying out. The only other button is Cancel. Clicking Reupload Model re uploads the file(s) I’ve just reuploaded. And then into an infinite cycle…

Can anyone else reproduce this?

OK so the model page shows that there is a re upload in progress, so perhaps it’ll still work.

Clicking on the link to the Uploads list doesn’t show any status/progress indication though.

So if I close the Reupload dialog manually with the X, and return to the model page, a yellow “Your model is reprocessing” status is displayed.

So after exiting back to the Properties edit page and seeing the yellow reprocessing message, this disappeared. I had to save the properties, and manually exit to the model page to see the green Reupload message to enter the comparison page.

I think i have had similar issues and think it might be related to cache issue which I gather is being looked into by staff.


Just wanted to let you know that I have also been experiencing this issue for the last month or so. I have to close out of my window and open up a new one. It doesnt matter if I use chrome, edge, or firefox.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I have forwarded this report to our web team.