Stuck on full-screen

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Hey there,

This 200K model displays and rotates fine in a pane but, at full-screen, I can't move it. I can see the cursor moving but the view remains the same as it was in the pane when I invoked Full-screen. Then, after a couple of seconds I get the rainbow coloured whirligig thingy and can't get back. Need to click Safari in the dock to return to pane display.

Shriekback by Pot8oSh3D on Sketchfab

Using Safari on Yosemite 10.10.1

Darn it! Just tried it again and now it works! Tried it time and time again and now can't replicate the problem.

Ahh! Friday 13th! Of course!!



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Update. Did it again when I tried viewing from this thread.

Someone up there is playing with me!


It might be pushing your graphics card to the limit. You could try turning off Bloom - it's a very expensive effect.

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Thanks James,

But it's not always happening. I'm running a bit low on RAM 15.01G of 16G. Will close a few apps and see if it still happens. I'd rather not lose the bloom as I think it's a nice effect in this instance. Don't use it much.



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Hmm. Only seems to happen when I've started viewing the model through a pane in the forum.