Student accounts University not working


(Historic Interiors) #1

A short while ago I sent a request for students at our institution to be allowed to create accounts. I just checked but this is still not possible. Could you please add us to the list so we can sign up?

Staff are currently able to sign up, they have an email account formatted like this:

Students still can't sign up, their email addresses are formatted this way name(or

I also sent emails but thought this might help move the query along as well.

Best wishes


Sorry for the delay! I've added to the list.


(Matthiaskimpe) #3

Apparently I cannot mail to sketchfab itself as I won't get redirected at all, I just keep having blanc tabs and no mail adress gets visable so I try to do it as a reply to an already solved matter, sorry for that. But I recently joined sketchfab with a private mailadres, unknowingly that I could get pro if I'd use my school adres. I changed it in the settings but not much change about that. Is there something I can do about this?



I just upgraded your account, enjoy!

(Ejmacrae) #5

Hi there, I've signed up using my university email, but it hasn't made my account free and when I try to upgrade it says I can't as my email is already registered?

(N9874739) #6

Hi. I signed up with sketchfab a month ago for my degree using my student email. It say's its eligible, but it's not upgraded my account, preventing me from submitting my assignment. Please help!


It looks like you've been correctly upgraded?