Subdivision Level? Diffuse Quality?


(Joaogigliotti) #1

Hi there! Just started to use Sketchfab today, and im having some dificults
First of all, sry about some english mistakes.

So, im trying to upload some products - like this:
And I just notice that the file dost not 'hold' the subdivision lvl from modo. Actualy it looks like there is no Subd Lvl (you can see it on the top part). Is there a way to modify this on 3d Settings in Sketch fab? Or a way to 'hold' it when export to FBX?

The other thing is the Diffuse quality. when you look the project from a 'far' vision, it looks like he got some 'motion blur' or somethink like that. When you zoom in, that blur just desapear. Is there a way to fix it? [edit: oh, and the texture is .png]

Thanks =)

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi @joaogigliotti and welcome to Sketchfab :smile:
Afaik FBXs can store subdivision levels for further editing but I think Sketchfab doesn't interpret these and just takes the base mesh as it is.
If you want your subdivided mesh to show in the viewer you have to kind of 'collapse' this parametric subdivision and upload the fully subdivided fbx.

Concerning your other question:
I'm not entirely sure what it is but it might be some kind of anisotropy or mipmap filtering. If you view a texture from a specific angle or far distance it becomes more and more distorted from the original version. Filtering kind of smoothes the results so that you don't see lots of noise.
I'm not sure how to fix this since as far as I can tell its essentially a feature to improve your texture quality but maybe a dev can help out with more information :smile:

(Mrchlblng) #3

Hey @joaogigliotti,

sketchfab is all about mesh today; we do not handle surfaces well (if at all). The reason is that we're focused on real time assets and the higher the subdivision level, the higher bandwidth and rendering costs.
We will likely improve this in the future but, as @essimoon said, currently you should "bake" the subdivision at the desired level into a mesh.

Regarding the diffuse quality, I too believe this is the texture filtering in action. You have some control over this in the editor.
A couple of remarks about textures:

  • when you first see a model, we usually temporarily show a lower resolution version of the textures while we're loading the 'high quality' ones and that may look blurry too
  • we perform an optimization pass on all textures to make them faster to download in the viewer and the optimization may generate jpg from pngs
  • for better performance, we only consider "power of 2" textures; in your case, you uploaded a ​1772x​1772 png texture that we resized to a 1024x1024 png texture

I hope this gives you a bit more insight on how the rendering works on sketchfab.

(Joaogigliotti) #4

@essimoon @mrchlblng, Thank you guys! I apreciate the help!

About the subdvision, i get it. I will try to do some adjusts directly to the mesh.
And about the diffuse i resized the texture and it shows alot better now!. Thats texture filtering helped alot! Thanks mrch!

Again, thanks for the ansewrs!