Submarine hatch door with conning tower

I just upload my 3d object whi I made for Kursk game. Here You have submarine hatch door with conning tower [ok, I’m not sure, that a good name for this tube is conning tower, any suggestions ?] Object was made in Blender 3D, textures in Substance Painter. More object what i made for Kursk Game you can find on my Sketchfab profile or here , on Artstation
What You think about this object ?

Looks very nice — as does the rest of your portfolio!

Was this a piece that a design already in mind, or did you create it from scratch?

Thanks :slight_smile:
I made this object for Kursk game.
This object looks exactly like a real Kursk submarine.

Greets :slight_smile:

I added some new screenshots. You can find here :slight_smile: You can also view other objects in my artstation portfolio :slight_smile: