Submaterials assigned wrong when exporting

(Bram Delaey) #1

I am really stuck on this one.
My first big 3ds max task for school is to create a small city scene with 3 buildings in it. So I finnaly finished up and my 3 buildings are modelled and textured. They are all made in seperate max (2016) files and each building has one submaterial assigned to it. When I export the buidlings seperate using the 3ds max exporter from KlaasTools everything goes fine (see my account). Every material is assigned and has the good texture. But as soon as I put the 3 building in the scene, everything goes wrong.

At first I had probably a merging problem cause one file had also a submaterial from another file. When I discovered this I deleted the unwanted submaterial and put the 3 building back together. Now I dont get a message from any merging anymore so I thought everything was fixed know. But nope. Strange thing is, in my 3ds max viewport everything seems right, when I render it also, but as soon as I export it to sketchfab things get messed up.!511&authkey=!AEj9A5QCVh-JocE&v=3&ithint=photo%2cpng

Any ideas?


Sorry for the delay.

It looks like you got it working. What was the issue?

(Bram Delaey) #3

No problem. It was my own fault. Accidently had a material with the same name in the scene. This messed up my textures. But thanks for the response anyway!


Awesome, that was my guess.

(Bram Delaey) #5

Still a noob in 3ds max. But I've learned from my mistakes! Thanks again.