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Substance Designer Exposed Parameter support?

(Caseynotjones) #1

I'm new to Sketchfab, but I've been working in Substance and Unity for a few months now, I'm wondering if there's support for materials from Substance Designer exported as .sbsar? I'm hoping to export out an animating texture map that way through Exposed Parameters in Substance as I have done in Unity, which allows my character to change colors and emissive intensity in realtime. Just wondering if anyone has any insight into whether this is doable through Sketchfab or not.


@caseynotjones Welcome!

We don't support animated texture maps yet, but it's a really cool feature we'd like to have in the future. We are experimenting with it, but there's nothing concrete yet.

The best way to export from Substance (Painter) is the new integration:

I hope that helps!

(Caseynotjones) #3

Okay, cool. It would be awesome to see in the future, though it is kind of niche. Thanks for the quick response!

(Dutchallians) #4

Yea i'm realy waiting for this kind of feature aswell :smile:
i would love to put it on buildings i make perhaps.