Substance painter export quality

(Nickholl) #1

Not sure if I should be posting here of on the substance forums, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any way to improve the texture quality of the sketch fab substance exporter?


(Dark Minaz) #2

automatic no, sadly
otherwise, i export it now like this
1 export with the sketchfab preset jpg 8bit
1 export with a normal preset png 8bit
then go to the folder, add the normal_direct_x map from the normal preset (should be way bigger than the other one) to the first export
Delete the old normal map, and rename the direct x one

That should fix any normal map issues that look pixelated, the other textures usually look good enough to not notice a difference.

Also exchange the .dae with the original obj/fbx to you keep quads and don't get a tris model :slight_smile:

(Nickholl) #3

thanks - how do i swap the texture? when i use the sketch fab preset it automatically uploads it all to sketchfab.

Ive tried uploading the metallic/roughness exports to sketchfab but I cant seem to get the same result :frowning:

(Dark Minaz) #4

Sorry for the late reply, totally didn't see your response

Just upload it normally
then export the normal map as png
and just upload that via the 3d viewer
(3d settings-material-normal map)

I do plan to write a bit of a quick tutorial on that topic this weekend to really explain it a bit more, as it seems this is a often occuring theme :slight_smile:

(Nickholl) #5

thanks - I've got this one down now :slight_smile:
hopefully they'll provide more options in a future release just to make it that bit more easy

(Dark Minaz) #6

yeah hope so too :slight_smile: but ill write one for the time till that happens, i mentioned that with version 1.9.5 so i am not betting on a soon update.

So the tutorial is a bit more to help more people out that might have the same issues :slight_smile:

(Nickholl) #7

I’m bumping this one for Sketchfab as it still seems that the exporter uses low quality, low resolution textures :frowning:

(Dark Minaz) #8

Actually the new exporter for sketchfab specifally uses png for the normal map. Just make sure you use the newest version and select export to sketchfab

(Nickholl) #9

Hi, I hadn’t checked the format to be honest, but the resolution and quality of the exported textures is very well compared to what I’m seeing In Sp. I’ve been working with 2k and when exported it looks more like 1k or almost 512!

Not I’m thinking - I’m wondering if Sketchfab is perhaps compressing there end due to filesize :thinking:. I’ll look into that perhaps


We do a lot of processing, but usually it doesn’t affect quality. Can you share a link to a model where you’re having issues?

(Nickholl) #12

link here

(Nickholl) #13

so sorry - my fault - one of the materials was set to 1024 in the Painter export dialogue