Substance Painter (SP) and FBX animations

I’m looking to texture solids in SP and animate solids in blender for export to SF.
Is there a simple workflow for either:
A) Animate in blender (FBX) -> texture in SP upload to SF? (SP seems to strip animation data)
B) Texture in SP -> animate in blender upload to SF?
C? some other way?

Thanks for any pointers,

I would say B is the one and only

That is too bad. I wish SP would not strip animation data.

Is there an easy way to get SP model+texture into Blender?

I am sure there is a plugin for Blender. Google is your best friend on this one.

May just have to become 100% blender

Its up to you :). As for me SP is an amazing tool. Also, you can animate your blender model and keep all animations in blender, just import the textures from SP after you are done painting and it will work with no problem

You could upload the static file directly from SP (this will be the best way to ensure PBR textures/materials are correct). Then, re-upload the animated version, you should be able to upload just the FBX with no textures. As long as you keep all your material names the same, we should preserve them during re-processing and just replace the static mesh with the animated version.